New Sports Betting Sites Online

Recent years have seen a huge influx of new sports betting sites in the UK, as well as other countries like such as America, Canada and New Zealand; 2021 is showing no signs of slowing down either. But does new equate to better? Despite the introduction of regulating new gambling sites, there are still some low quality online bookmakers popping up.

So how can you be sure you’re picking one of the best new sports betting sites? The simple answer is to do your research, luckily for you we have taken care of that with our choice of new betting websites below. But should you decide against using those bookies then we’ve also put together a guide to picking a new betting site

Best New Sports Betting Sites UK

As promised, here are our picks for the UK’s best new betting sites; if you’re looking for USA, Australian or Canadian bookmakers then simply check their license details.

You may have noticed a couple of familiar names listed above, that’s because although they are established names, they have only recently added sports to their gambling portfolio. So technically they can still be classed as new sports betting sites.

Should you just be looking to change up your online gambling site and you’re not particularly bothered as to whether it’s a brand new sports betting site; then we can highly recommend choosing one of these as your new bookmaker.

All three of these bookies are truly trustworthy, tried and tested by us and the online gambling community.

How to Choose New Betting Sites

Regardless of whether you’ve just decided to move to a more established sports betting site or one of the brand new online bookmakers, the process of choosing the gambling site is the same. But what exactly should you consider before deciding on your new bookmaker?

Trustworthy New Online Bookmakers

When selecting your new sports betting sites you have to be certain that there is a level of trust there. Regardless of whether you are UK based or looking USA betting sites, there is a simple way of establishing whether the bookmaker can be trusted.

Over the last few years, governments and legislatures have been getting on top of online gambling. With the introduction of strict regulations and country specific gambling licences, the chance of registering with a rogue new betting site are low.

All of the bookies promoted on our site are fully licenced and appropriately regulated, so you can be sure they can be trusted. We completely understand it all comes down to personal preference, but we strongly advise against signing up with new gambling sites that aren’t licenced or regulated in the country you reside.

Should you run in to trouble with a USA licenced betting site or one registered with the UK gambling commission, you have a safety net of a governing body to complain too in order to put it right; you will not have this option with unlicensed bookies.

Reliable and Reputable UK Sports Betting Sites

Now we’ve explained how you establish trust with a new sports betting site, the next element is the two R’s, reliability and reputation.

Although they may be regulated, a bookmaker can still fall short without breaching their licence. This tends to be along the lines of being slow to paying out or voiding bets, leading to poor customer service.

So when selecting a new bookmaker to recommend, we always check independent reviews; as well as testing the site itself. Sites like Trustpilot tend to be a great benchmark, as their ratings are solely based on customer reviews and have no bias whatsoever.

The only downside with using sites like that is some of the smaller newer betting sites are either not listed or don’t have much feedback yet. So you may want to try reviewers like Place a Bet Online or Cash Out Betting Sites.

Payment Methods at Betting Websites

Ok, so you’ve identified a reliable and trustworthy new betting site, the next thing you should consider when opening an account at a new online sports betting site is actually being able to place that bet. What’s the point of going through the registration and vetting process only to find your new gambling site doesn’t take your preferred payment method?

In order to see what payments you can use, simply scroll to the footer of their website and you will either the logos of payment providers available; or visit their banking section. Most new betting websites offer a wide range of common deposit and withdrawal methods, but if you prefer to a niche payment or like to bet using phone bill; you may need to shop around.

One thing you will notice when visiting a new UK sports betting website is the lack of credit card options. That is due to regulations that were implemented in 2020 by the UK Gambling commission, which were brought in to reduce the risk of gambling beyond your means and money laundering.

Online Sports Betting Markets

Before opening an account at a new betting site, we always advise having a good look around at what betting markets are on offer. Ideally you want to have access to a good range of sports betting markets in a variety geo locations; unusual betting events can also be appealing. If these elements are a bit limited then there’s a good chance you’ll find yourself getting frustrated at some point with limited options.

It’s also worth comparing the odds and bonuses of your new online bookmaker to your current betting website. If there is a noticeable difference and the odds are lower on the new site, then there’s a chance you’ve already found the best gambling site for you.

Sign up Bonuses at New Bookies

Sometimes, half the benefit of signing up at a new betting site welcome bonus available for new players. These sign up bonuses can range from an outright free bet to bet bundles and deposit boosts.

The downside to these bonuses is the fact they time or bet restricted, so don’t tend to last long; this is why we take these bonuses with a pinch of salt. Loyalty bonuses and regular promotions are more interesting to us, there’s no pint enticing players to a new online betting site and doing nothing to keep them.

Existing customers can generally enjoy a huge range of bonuses and that’s exactly how it should be. These bonuses can include money back, bet boosts, accumulator insurance and enhanced odds. The only thing we to consider when taking advantage of any promotions are the terms and conditions, as there is nothing worse than thinking you have benefited from a promo only to find out you haven’t met the wagering requirements.

Summary of New Bookmakers

Granted there may more that you look for in a new sports betting site that we haven’t covered here, but if you stick to these basics you can’t really go wrong. It’s also worth noting that new doesn’t necessarily translate to better, so if you give new betting brands a try and they don’t quite stack up, then maybe give an established brand a try, like one of the four we’ve suggested.