Fast Withdrawal Betting Sites

Fast withdrawal betting use to be a bit of a myth, as bookmakers have always been quick to accept bets but slow when it comes to payouts. But thanks to advances in online payments and the emergence of secure options like betting using phone phone bill. You can now access your winnings much quicker.

Let’s face it, there’s nothing more frustrating than landing a big win from that football accumulator only to have to wait days cash out. But with our list of the best betting sites with fast withdrawals you can now enjoy instant payouts as well as some of the best odds, offers and betting markets.

We’ll also give you a full rundown of instant withdrawal banking options, as it’s not just the betting site that can slow your payment down. It will also help you make an informed decision as to which e-wallet or payment handler to use.

Best Betting Sites with Fast Withdrawal Banking

When it comes to making a fast withdrawal you can’t go wrong with any of the bookmakers listed below. They all offer reliable banking methods and some are considered to be the best new betting sites in the UK.

As we mentioned earlier, it’s not just about the bookmaker you choose, although any of these are a good start. Customers have rated some of these the best when it comes to ease of use, odds and bonuses.

What Can Slow Payouts?

In 2022 it’s strange to think that online payments can be slow or at the very least not be instant. But there are actually a few reasons why instant withdrawals might not be available. If you are experiencing delays, then you may want to re-consider your payment method.

The biggest reason you can’t access your winnings is also often the least thought of. Being new to a bookmaker can have an impact of payments, thanks to know your customer requirements.

As a new customer, a betting site has an obligation to check three things before they can pay you out. You need to prove your age, identity and banking details  

Providing these details will only slow down your initial request for your winnings, so we recommend getting it done as soon as you can to avoid disappointment.

Some betting sites can also be a reason for delays. Some smaller or unregulated sites have much slower processing times, partly due to limited cash flow. So you may want to make sure your site is properly regulated for your country.

Or you can simply opt for one in our list of best betting sites with fast withdrawal, that way you shouldn’t experience any issues getting your cash.

Finding a Fast Withdrawal Betting Site

So know you know what can slow your payment down, how do you go about picking a new quick pay betting site? Well here are our tips to help you select your new bookie.

Avoid Welcome Bonuses

Bookmakers like to tempt new account holder with tantalising welcome bonuses, but as appealing as they can be, they will have some very strict conditions. These terms can often impact how quickly you get paid until you have met them.

Wagering requirements have the biggest impact on withdrawals. They are usually a multiplier of the bonus amount you received when you made your first deposit. So if you received a £10 bet bonus and the multiplier is 15x, then you would need to bet through £150 before you can make a fast withdrawal.

Another issue with wagering requirements lie in the fact that only certain payment methods are available. Sadly, payment methods that offer a fast payout are usually excluded from welcome bonuses.

So make sure you double check those T&C’s before opting to accept a bonus, but we tend to give them a miss.

Choose the Right Payment Method

This probably won’t be much of a surprise but the banking option you choose can significantly impact quick payments. With new providers popping up on what feels like a monthly basis, you’d be forgiven if you became daunted about choosing one

Some popular depositing options such as bet using phone bill and Google Pay don’t accept withdrawals and newer providers can often take time to establish trust with new customers.

So to help you understand your fast withdrawal options. We’ve provided a little further information on what you can expect with different banking options.

Fast Withdrawal Betting Options

Understanding the different types of transactions can go a long way in helping you decide whether they can process a quick withdrawal or not.

So with that in mind we’ve provided a brief example of typical payout times for various methods of banking, followed by a full breakdown of each one.

Payment MethodWithdrawal Times
Debit Cards1-2 Days
Cryptocurrencies6-24 Hours
E-Wallets6-24 Hours
Bank Transfer3-7 Days
fast withdrawal banking options at betting sites

Debit Card Withdrawals

We all use debit cards on a daily basis, so there’s probably very little we can tell you about them. We know shops take the payments out quickly but instant payouts at betting sites can be a little different.

Not having to pay a transaction fee is a definite plus for debit card withdrawals, but unfortunately, betting sites can be a little slower than you would imagine at paying your cash.

This can be due to combination of contributing factors such as the bank you use, or even the day and time you make the payout request.

Typically these withdrawals can take anything from 24hrs up to a few days, but as a universal banking method they are one of the most secure.

E-Wallet Withdrawals

Although the term may be new to you, E-wallets have been around for a while and are a staple of online shopping. It was actually quite a surprise to see that they top the list for fast withdrawal betting site banking.

E-wallets are generally middlemen between your betting site and bank. They make a fast payment to your bank while waiting for the funds to clear from your bookmaker, making payouts instant.

Sadly though, not all e-wallets are accepted at every bookie, as some are more popular than others.But the most popular tend to be;

  • PayPal
  • Neteller
  • Instadebit
  • MuchBetter

Of the E-wallets listed, Paypal is probably the most recognisable. Being a brand that is accepted globally by most online sites, it’s no surprise they are on the list of fasted withdrawals. But that’s not to say the others are slow, in fact Neteller and Muchbetter are equally as fast,

Neteller have been a mainstay of online gambling for quite some time, so have more of an appeal for bookmakers when compared to MuchBetter. So you’ll find fewer sites that accept Much Better.

Fortunately regardless of which e-wallet you choose, withdrawals tend to be instantaneous from the wallet to your actual account. The reason we state a 6-24 hour turn around time is purely due to the time it takes your betting site to process your withdrawal request.

However, one e-wallet brand is much slower than the others. Instadebit can actually take anything up to 5 hours to process the payment to your bank.

Aside from the time scale, you also want to consider what transaction fees will be charged when you want to make your fast withdrawal at betting sites

PayPal are transaction fee free when you withdraw your winnings from a betting site and then transfer them to your bank. Whereas Neteller can attach fees to certain transactions, but are still the most widely accepted at betting sites.

The country in which you reside can also affect the options available to you. For instance, Interac is a Canadian payment handler so is not available to UK players.

Cryptocurrency Withdrawals

As cryptocurrencies have become more mainstream, it shouldn’t come as to much of a surprise that betting sites accepting Bitcoin are now more popular than ever. Although there are still fewer bookies available in comparison to other banking options.

Making a direct digital currency payment or withdrawal at online bookmakers can still be a little tricky. The only real option available is through BitPay. Fortunately though, we know of a way around this using a popular payment handler.

If you don’t see the BitPay or Bitcoin logos at your favourite betting site, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are off limits to you.

Having their fingers on the pulse of online transactions, Neteller were quick to spot the potential of Bitcoin. They are now allowing their customers to trade in various crypto currencies for their instant withdrawals at betting sites.

To do this, simply convert your Bitcoin or Etherium to cash in your Neteller account to pay your bookie. Then once you have withdrawn your winnings you can simply transfer it back to crypto.

Bank Transfer

Another widely accepted payment option is bank transfer, although it’s popular with bookmakers, punters don’t seem as keen.

There’s probably not an adult on the planet who doesn’t have a bank account, especially as you need to provide full bank details as part of KYC checks. But despite this, most gamblers tend to avoid using it for a fast withdrawal.

This is due to the fact that it isn’t actually that fast. Most banks have online banking apps that can transfer money instantly, yet making a withdrawal from a betting site can still take 3-7 days.

Although they can be slow to payout, bank transfers shouldn’t be completely dismissed. Unlike with intermediaries like e-wallets, the payment is transferred directly from one bank to another so is one of the safest ways to withdraw your winnings.

Making a Fast Withdrawal at Betting Sites

So now you know what banking options are available to you, let’s take a look at exactly how you can instantly withdraw your winnings.

Request a Quick Payout

Most online gamblers tend to be casual gamblers, spending smaller amounts and using the winnings to place their next bet. But every so often they the winning pot can build up to a nice tidy sum, it’s then that you want to make your withdrawal. Although we advise everyone to only hold a small amount in their bookmakers wallet, so you are not too tempted to gamble away money you may need.

To make you withdrawal you’ll need to make your way to the cashier section of the betting site. You will be presented with the banking options available, simply pick your fast payout provider.

Once this has been done, you will need to tell them how much you wish to withdraw, then verify the details of your financial account and the money should be instantly transferred.

Processing the Withdrawal

The next part of the process is now out of your hands, it’s now down to your betting site to fulfil the payout request.

Luckily for you though, simply make sure you have used one of our betting sites with fast withdrawal and you can have your money in the quickest time possible.

Verifying Your Identity

Due to current regulations imposed by the UK gambling commission, all betting sites need to verify the identity and banking details of their customers. This is to crack down on money laundering and under age gambling.

To fulfil these requirements you will need to provide certain documents to the bookmaker. We recommend you do this at the point of opening your account, as it can take a few days for verification to be completed.

If you don’t complete the verification upon sign up you will be asked to do it when you request your first withdrawal. This will cause a long delay in your money getting paid.

Fast Withdrawal Processing by Payment Providers

This is part of the withdrawal process that you do have some control over. This control comes in the form of who you choose to make and receive payments.

For the best betting sites with fast withdrawal we recommend you opt to use e-wallets to send and receive payments. Neteller and PayPal are the obvious choice for this, as they are accepted on most major betting sites and e-commerce websites. So you always have the option of keeping your winnings in your wallet, then using it to treat yourself or a loved one.

Summary of Making Fast Withdrawals

Although there seems to be a lot of information for you to deal with, the premise of fast withdrawals is pretty straight forward.

To start with you want to make sure the betting site you choose offers the right payment options for you and is trustworthy. If we have identified your preferred banking method as slow, then you may want to change.

We would suggest you open a Neteller account, as they are one of the fastest payers and are also accepted at the majority of betting sites. Combining Neteller with one our recommended fast withdrawal betting sites means you will receive payments in the quickest possible time frame.